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Meal Prep Like A Pro

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Meal prepping is a fitness person’s secret. It helps you get organized and is a huge time saver. I have some helpful steps to help make meal prepping not so stressful. There are only six simple steps, making it simple, easy, and stress free.

Step 1: How many days are you going to prep for? And, how many meals a day are you going to prepare? Choosing how many days and how many meals you want to prep is completely up to you. Think about the week ahead of you, decide when you do or do not have time to cook. Pick one day during the week to prepare all of the meals. That way, all of the cooking is done in one mess.

Step 2: Pick what meals you want for the week. This can be hard, because you don’t want to get sick of the meals you worked hard to prepare. One easy way to switch it up a bit is to add different spices or sauces to some of the meals. When picking meals, pick one form of protein, like meat or fish, one form of carbs, veggies, and one form of fats, like avocado. Just like that, you have a full healthy meal.

Step 3: Go grocery shopping. Make a full list of all of the things you need. Getting all of the groceries needed for the week at one time, helps save money and time. While at the store, pick up appropriate containers to store your food. Get containers that are freezable as well.

Step 4: Start cooking your heart out. This is the longest part of the process. Make all the meals at one time, this saves time and energy. Cook, Cook, Cook!

Step 5: Measure out each ingredient into the containers. Measuring everything out can be a bit of a hassle, but when you are ready for the meal you can just grab it and go. Once everything is measured out, put the food in the fridge, or if you won’t be eating the meals for a few days, freeze it. Freezing will make the meals last for days or weeks.

The Final Step: ENJOY! Enjoy all the wonderful food you have worked hard to prepare.

Hopefully after meal prepping for a week, you can see the amazing benefits to prepping. This can help save so much time in your busy week. I hope all of these steps were helpful and gave you a stress free meal prep.

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