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Beginner’s Guide To Lifting

You finally decide today is the day you are going to start working out. You decided you are going to start lifting to increase your strength. But, you then wonder, “what lifts do I do?”, “How much should I be lifting”, and so many more concerns. Well I have the beginners guide just for you! Lifting can be intimidating at first, but once you get those first few lifts in, you’ll be as confident as ever.

If you follow these few simple tips, you’ll be a pro the day you walk in.

Set goals: Before you even walk into the gym you should have specific goals for once you get there. Having goals keeps you focused and motivated. Figure out how many times a week you want to lift, what muscles you are going to lift each day, how long you want to lift each day. At the end of the week when you hit those goals, you’ll feel so accomplished and proud of yourself.

Find a program or workouts online: Find a program that fits your goals and needs. If you can only lift 4 days a week, find a program with a 4 day split. Make sure that you find a program that is not super advanced, this can lead to injuries. If buying a program isn’t for you, find workouts online. Go to YouTube or Instagram to find workouts. Many of them show the exercise as well, which can help your form. Both, programs and online workouts, offer a form of structure. That way you aren’t walking into the gym trying to figure out what you are going to do next, it is all right there for you.

Stay hydrated: I can not stress enough how important staying hydrated is when lifting. Your muscles are 75% muscle, you need to feed those hard working muscles. Drinking water throughout your workouts will keep your energy up, as well.

Use Google: Google is your best friend when first starting to lift. You’re not sure of what exactly this or that lift looks like, or you aren’t sure of the form. Google it! Google has your back!

Start slow: Walk into the gym knowing that it is going to be hard and changes aren’t going to happen overnight. Start slow, only do a few lifts a day and focus on form, not weight. Once you get the hang of lifting, slowly start adding more weight and trying to improve strength.

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