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Stress Management Tips

For as long as I can remember stress and anxiety was a huge part of my daily life. Naturally, I am someone who worries about every little thing, which leads to anxiety, and anxiety leads to stress. The older I became, the more I stressed about. It came to the point where throughout my senior year of high school, the mention of college nearly made me cry. I realized that that was not a way I wanted to live my life. I was about to start my freshman year of college and I could not have been more excited, but at the same time, the anxiety was still there. I decided I needed to get a handle on my anxiety and stress. So I took to Pinterest and Google to help me out. Each of these tips I have used to help overcome my issues. For the most part, these tips have helped me manage my stress wayyyy better.


Tip 1: Wake up earlier, I am not even close to a morning person, so this tip was a difficult step. I woke up about a half hour earlier than I needed to. With this extra time I would take my time making breakfast and getting ready. I did not feel as rushed as I normally did, which resulted in not starting out my day with unneeded stress. I encourage you to try this, it helps start your morning off on the right foot.

Tip 2: Keep a planner, planners are my favorite thing in the world. They help keep me organized and on track for the day. When you keep a planner you know what to expect for the day. Everything is laid out in front of you already. Write everything down, appointments, dates, anniversaries, EVERYTHING!

Tip 3: Write in a journal, writing is a natural stress reliever. Each night I would write down 3 things that I was grateful for that day. This helped me focus on the positive things, instead of worrying about negative things. If there was something that was stressing me out that day, I wrote it down as well. Writing down my thoughts and feelings helped get my worries out. Journaling right before bed is not recommended, instead, journal after dinner or a few hours before bed.

Tip 4: Make time to exercise: working out has been a part of my everyday routine for a few years now, and I am so thankful for it. When I miss a day, I can tell how much more stressed and worried I am. Even if your form of exercise is walking around the block, it will still increase endorphins, which will make you less stressed. Creating a exercise routine will keep your endorphins high.

Tip 5: Focus on what you can control, this is the tip I struggle with the most. Life is unpredictable, so try focusing on the things that you can actually control. When you focus on this, you will feel the stress lift from your shoulders.


Stress is a big part of many people’s lives, including my own. The sooner you get a handle on controlling it, the better your life will be. These 5 tips are super simple and easy, but lead to huge results. I encourage each and everyone of you to try these tips out, you will be amazed by the results.

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