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What I Eat In A Day!

First things first, what I eat works for me and my body. Each and every person needs a different amount of calories and macros. This full day of eating is just an example of meals, not a meal plan for others. I try my best to eat as healthy and clean as possible. I make an effort to stay away from super processed foods, for the most part. I have three nutrition goals each day, eat three servings of veggies, drink a gallon of water, and hit my macros. These goals work for me. Try your best to make goals that not only benefit your health, but are also attainable.


  • Breakfast: Each morning, I am in a big rush trying to get myself ready for school. Which results in making breakfast in record time each morning. My breakfast is always quick and easy. My first meal of the day normally goes something like this:
    • 1 Full Pita Pocket, 180 Calories
    • 1 Tablespoon Peanut Butter, 95 Calories
    • 1 Banana, 89 Calories
  • Lunch: I only have a half hour for lunch, at most, which means my lunches are simple. I either have something I can reheat, or that is already ready to eat. My breakfast does not have a ton of protein, so at lunch I try to make up for it. My lunch goes something like this:
    • 1 Full Pita Pocket, 180 Calories
    • 150 Grams Tuna, 234 Calories
    • Spinach
  • Dinner: The last full meal of the day is normally a sit down meal. Again, I make sure I eat lots of protein. I try to eat three servings of vegetables each day, so for dinner I eat two servings of some sort of veggie. The last full meal of the day usually goes something like this:
    • 1 Jenny O Turkey Burger, 200 Calories
    • 1 Red Potato, 110 Calories
    • 200 Grams Carrots, 82 Calories
  • Snacks: I can not live without my snacks. I have a mid morning snack, afternoon snack, and a snack or two in the evening. Snacks tide me over between meals and keep my energy up throughout the day.
    • 1 Pink Lady Apple, 71 Calories
    • 1 White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cliff Bar, 260 Calories
    • 1 Yoplait Greek Mixed Berry Yogurt, 100 Calories
  • Total Calories: 1,601
  • Total Macros:
    • Carbohydrates: 215 Grams
    • Fat: 39 Grams
    • Protein: 114 Grams

As you can see, I each quite a bit of food each day. Most of the food is nutritious and healthy. This full day of eating, I met my goals of eating three servings of veggies, and hitting my macros. Again, these macros work for me and me only. I eat the same meals multiple days in a row, I don’t get sick of the meals and I know what my macros are for the day then. Which helps me stay on track easier. My advice, find meals that you really enjoy and that can easily be tracked.

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