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LISS Cardio

LISS Cardio


Cardio should be incorporated into everyone’s workout routine, no matter your goals. There are many different kinds of cardio, LISS being one of them. Let’s go into detail about LISS.



LISS stands for Low Intensity Steady State. LISS is the opposite of HIIT, instead of going hard for a short period of time, you go at a steady pace for a long period of time. Walking, biking, and swimming are great examples of LISS. LISS puts little stress on your body, and it rarely activates stress hormones. The body needs little time to recover, as well. Your metabolism returns to normal very soon after finishing a workout.


LISS is great for fat and weight loss. In order to metabolize fat your body needs oxygen. When doing LISS more oxygen is available, that results in more fat being broken down. LISS uses fat for energy, instead of carbohydrates.


HIIT and LISS are equally effective. They have a completely different impact on your body. Incorporating both in your routine gives you the full range of results.


How Often Should You Be Doing LISS:

It is recommended that you do LISS daily. Whether it is to warm up before a workout, or to cool down after. LISS is extra effective when it is performed after a HIIT workout. When doing LISS it is important to have proper nutrition.


LISS Workout:

  • Walking for 60 minutes
  • Biking for 60 minutes
  • Elliptical for 60 minutes.

The most important part of LISS is that you can stay at that speed for the full 60 minutes. It is meant to be relaxing, not taxing on your body.

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