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Gym Bag Must-Haves:

Do you ever get to the gym and dig through your bag trying to find that one item, only to realize you left it at home? That has happened to me too many times too count. Everyone should carry a handful of essential items in their gym bag to ensure that does not happen. Let’s get right to it!

Gym Bag Must-Haves:

  • Pony Tail: After a long day of work or school, you can’t always be bothered with making sure you have an extra pony on your wrist. Keep one in your bag to ensure you always have one.
  • Headphones: Nothing is worse than being at the gym without headphones. Never have this happen to you again by keeping a pair in your gym bag.
  • Pair of Socks: You decided to wear cute heels to work today, then you get to the gym and realize you forgot to bring socks. I got you, keep some in your bag!
  • A Snack: If you go to the gym after work or school, a snack is usually needed to get your through your tough workout.
  • Face Wipes: Have to go run errands after a great workout? No problem, keep face wipes in your bag to get all the extra grease off. Then, you’re ready to go.
  • Deodorant: I mean, we can all agree that deodorant is needed at the gym.
  • Water bottle: It is so important to stay hydrated during your workout. You will always have an extra water bottle on hand incase you forget yours.
  • Shoes: It is pretty hard to workout without tennis shoes. Keep them in your bag and never have to scramble to find tennis shoes again.
  • Feminine products: You never know when you or someone else might need one.
  • Hand sanitizer: The gym can be a pretty gross place. It is definitely full of germs. Hand sanitizer will become your best friend when at the gym.

These are just a handful of items to keep in your bag. Every item has come in handy for me. I hope these things save you from potential forgotten items.

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